Wednesday, March 30, 2011

There are many delicacies in Singapore... Of course, some are more appealing than others...

Christiaan and I flew there with Garuda Indonesia. On brand new planes the whole way I might add!! Yes, there were little tv screens, but no, there wasn't much to watch. The only thing watchable was "Just For Laughs Gags".

This is on the tarmac in Makassar. The plane always stops in Biak and Makassar. On the flights during the day, everyone has to get out and go into the terminal, go through security and wait in the waiting room for a few minutes, maybe use the restroom, and then walk back out to the plane. When we were going back home, a flight that leaves at 11:00pm, we could stay on the plane thankfully.
We had a good trip. Christiaan's appointments went well and I was able to get new glasses. My prescription has been reduced again! Yay! We also enjoyed eating North American food there and we did a bunch of shopping... There are a million malls in Singapore and many are connected by underground tunnels to the subway system. Pretty amazing! But it is good to be home again!

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junglewife said...

Glad your trip went well! About the delicacies... I have actually seen on food blogs that goose fat IS a real tasty delicacy!!! Not sure I want to try it, though... :-)