Saturday, April 02, 2011

The Dutch Organization Ceveo owns the property where the building that our church meets in is located. Years and years ago my aunt and uncle were dorm parents in that large building in the center of the photo below. Just over half a year ago people managed to get into the house and have since vandalized it and stolen parts of the building. So Ceveo got in a bunch of guys to take the roof off to make it a less inviting place to "party". Also on the property were a large number of very tall trees. It was time to cut them down before they fell down on someones home... This has rendered the property looking as though an explosion occurred... And whoops, one of the trees hit our "church building"...

This Yokben, our faithful guard/yard man. He was born without all of his right foot. Recently he went to an orthopedic doctor in Jayapura and inquired as to what he could do about this. As things are now, he can get around just fine, but he can't wear shoes. The doctor told him that a prosthetic foot with a pair of special shoes would cost around 6.5 million rupiah (roughly $750 CAD). We'd like to help him, but we can't fund that entire amount... if you are willing/able to help out, contact me at the email address listed on the side of the page.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Erica! If we ever visit Pos 7 again, we'll know what to expect. Who is going to pay for fixing the "church"?