Sunday, April 03, 2011

Bits and Bites...

There was a bit of a riot in town yesterday. There's been a volleyball tournament going on at a field in the middle of town. There are 30 men's teams and 30 women's teams participating. Hugo is on a team of white guys also taking part. So far they've lost both their matches... Anyways, last night there was a local team playing against a team of guys from the mountains. The ref was obviously favouring the local team in all his calls and the mountain team and fans took offense to this (justifiably) and decided to let their displeasure be known. So a bit of a riot broke out and things were being thrown and people being beat up and windows were smashed... A friend of ours happened to be at a salon across the road when the whole thing began. She finished up her appointment and was brought by police to the MAF compound where she waited for her hubby to pick her up. Thankfully she had not parked her car or motorbike in front of the salon or it most likely would have been stolen/vandalized. Brynne has malaria. Thursday evening just before supper she complained of a headache and had a fever. I made a blood slide and started her on meds. The recovery time is much quicker the earlier meds are started so I decided to do so before even having a positive result. I received the results Friday evening. She's doing much better now! Today we had church in the bottom of our pastors house due to the damage that was done to the building we normally meet in. We also met in our pastors home because some mountain people had been causing problems this past week. About 6 years ago an expat missionary had an accident with one of their people who was laying drunk across the expat's driveway. That expat lived at the old dorm. An obscene amount of money was paid at that time to the man because he was rendered paralyzed following the accident. The family of the paralyzed man has periodically returned and demanded more funds in spite of the fact that there is a signed document stating that everything has been paid and no more will be paid. They often resort to threats. Now that trees are being cut down, there's a rumour that the land will be developed so people think there are funds to be had. Not true! Just cutting down trees that posed a risk to fall in a wind storm.

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Doulanic said...

Never a dull moment eh? Thankful that the riot didn't create an unsafe environment for you.

Thanks for being so faithful with your blogging! Still reading it everytime!